“we find, evaluate, develope and implement sustainable, innovative and advanced materials and production techniques for the industry and the OEMs… we are the tech nerds that will solve your material challenge ” Anders Breitholtz CEO, Gothenburg 2017


Material Challenge Lab uses agile processes (SCRUM), (global) networks as well as design and sustainability (social, ecologic and economic) thinking to address material and production related challenges. 

Typical challenges:

  • Material or production problems or potentials (mapping, researching, sourcing etc)
  • Boosting design and/or product development teams
  • Inspiration, Creativity & Innovation Management
  • Business Intelligence (mapping), Trends & Knowledge Management
  • Sustainability (social, ecologic, economic, aesthetic)
  • Ramp-up & industrialization
  • Internal & external collaboration (public, value chain, cross market)
  • Branding & Strategic Product Development
  • Networking, Collaboration & Crossbreeding (internally, externally)

By using well proven Design Thinking and SCRUM inspired processes the Challenge is divided into ”sprints” (or iterations) which is restricted to a specific time duration. The process starts with a sprint planning event that aims to define and identify the work for the sprint ahead, and make an estimated forecast for the sprint goal. Each sprint ends with a review of the progress, conclusions and improvements for the potential sprints ahead.

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