“we find, evaluate, develope and implement sustainable, innovative and advanced materials and production techniques for the industry and the OEMs… we are the tech nerds that will solve your material challenge ” Anders Breitholtz CEO, Gothenburg 2017


MATERIAL CHALLENGE LAB is all about material driven design: including sourcing, developing, marketing and implementing materials and manufacturing techniques. Material Challenge Lab is based on unique experience, knowledge and consists of a global network of experts or if you like real material and tech nerds. Together we have extensive and long term experience of sourcing and implementing advanced, innovative and sustainable materials for global Brand owners, OEMs, Design Departments, Product Development teams and Architecture Firms stretching over a number of different markets (automotive, furniture, fashion, sports, construction etc). We work close to the manufacturing industries and research communities, organisations and public funding programs (regional, national and EU-level) to constantly be on top of what can be made and will be possible in the future.

Material Challenge Lab started autumn 2017 and was created as a direct response to the need of implementing design knowledge and design thinking within the manufacturing industries, the academic communities and research institutions in the development, implementation and market introduction of next generations of smart and sustainable materials.


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